Skills Development

As well as being creative producers, the Phrased & Confused team also has a strong track record for its training, mentoring and broader professional development programmes. Since 2006, we’ve been running specific projects for spoken word artists, promoters and producers, including a unique commissioning scheme that helps artists to create new work, and a training programme that helps emerging promoters to develop their business-related skills. It’s work that we really believe in, not only because of its value to those we support and the impact it has on the wider scene, but also because it enables us to share what we’ve learnt and – selfishly – it helps us to get better at what we do too!

Phrased & Confused artist commissions

We’ve been commissioning artists since 2008 to create new work that explores the meeting place between music and spoken word, and in that time have supported more than 20 artists and musicians to develop their stage craft, performance and presentation. Find out more…

“It was a really supportive process with Phrased and Confused. It’s been a really, really amazing experience where we’ve been able to concentrate on being performers.” – Sifundo Msebele

Developing artists via our tours

When we go out on the road, it’s not enough for our artists to simply do what they normally do. We work with artists who are up for something new, and help them to develop new material together, either from scratch or by improvising on existing poems or songs they bring to the table. Find out more…

Supporting promoters around the country

Our experience tells us that it’s promoters and producers who are just as key to a healthy touring circuit as artists – in what ever art form. So, we’re currently building on work we’ve previously done to support the development of promoters and producers around the country and undertaking a new piece of research to see what will most benefit the national scene in terms of a professional development programme for spoken word producers.