Imagine you’ve been shot into space. You’re going to be counting the years on your fingers. To fill up some of your time, between the science and flying, what would you take – music or books? Or would you have to take both? There’s absolutely no doubt that we’d want to take them both, or rather that our very clever, never-needs-re-charging smartphone would be full of both poems and tunes.

Phrased & Confused takes words and music – poets and musicians – and mixes them up to create gorgeous lyrical feasts for music lovers and secret wordsmiths alike. It’s not necessarily clever, but it is a whole lot of fun…

Since 2004 we’ve been exploring our hunch that music fans can be encouraged to attend more live literature events, under the banner Phrased & Confused. With national tours, one off events and a regular presence on the festival circuit already under our belts, we’ve learned a lot along the way about who comes and why and about how music promoters are interested in getting more involved in live literature.

You can find out more on the events and research pages.

Until 2010, P&C was a project within the ‘stable’ of the hub, an arts development practice which combines research, consultancy and training with work as a creative producer (see www.thehubuk.com). In late 2010, we decided that the time had come for us to take the stabilisers off the P&C bike, and to go it alone, and so we established Phrased & Confused as an independent organisation.


Further information about previous Phrased & Confused activities is available on our archived site 2005-2007.